This day, in an undisclosed year, a little girl came into this world. Born to loving parents and a big brother, she was destined to have a heart of love. Her early years were spent  playing with baby dolls, taking care of little orphan animals and having a heart for the misfits. In her teenage years, she learned the discipline of the marching band. As an adult, she felt the constraint of the corporate world. But she felt a bigger calling.

She met my Father in “Heaven”. You see the disco club they both happened to be at the night they met was named Heaven Disco. So it was a match made in “Heaven”. They fell in love, were married and a few years later I arrived. Soon after that, like 10 months, my little brother arrived. My mom gave up here career to be home with us. She not only cared for us but she committed to home school us also.  14 years later my little sister arrived. My Mom’s little girl she always prayed for. My childhood is filled with memories of being read to, playing games, outings, days at the beach, field trips, being sung to, hugged and many many more events every child should know. All the memories involved quality time lavished on me, my brother and my sister. Looking back I see there were times of difficulty but times I never knew. There were several times money was tight and there was not enough food for that day. My mom went without eating so me and my brother could eat and not know any different. She never made me feel like I was in the way or unwanted. Now as I am a father to three, I pray that my children have a childhood to be cherished like mine was. She is now the sparkle in her grand kids eyes. When she steps through the door, there is the patter of little feet and the resounding word of love, “NaNa!”.

God bless the day Connie Ponce came to this world and Thank God He chose me to be her son.

Happy Birthday to My Mom,

Adrian De Leon