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For those of you who I invited to join us but who verbally patted me on the head with a “That’s Nice”, to the ones who asked “Is it really worth it?”, to the ones who didn’t and still don’t believe in me, to the ones who see me as “Just that nice quiet guy”, to the ones who are so wrapped up in their own mediocrity that they wont strive for excellence, to the ones who put us off, stood us up and avoided our calls, to the ones who asked, “Does that thing work?” ….Yes! It works! We are getting paid through the L.I.F.E. business.

The vehicle has been put in place by the hard working heroes of the TEAM business. Heroes like Dan Hawkins, a former shy mechanic,

“The LIFE/Team is exploding! The-life-business.com provides the vehicle for the person or couple looking to do something big. Many leaders on the team continue to step out of their comfort zone and move on. The-team.biz provides a world class training and seminar system to help people win in LIFE.” ~ Dan Hawkins, L.I.F.E. founder and Policy Counsel member.

We are taking our future into our own hands. Not just by improving our finances but also improving our faith, marriage, friendships and many other areas. I refuse to sit by and let life happen to me and live only for the weekend. I refuse to be consumed in a ever spiraling sink hole of entertainment and instant gratification.  I am taking part of a proven business system that has helped scores of people not only improve their lives but also earn enough income to leave their jobs. What are you doing?

If you are tired of the routine of mediocrity, like I am, then lets roll up our sleeves and get free.

God Bless,

Adrian De Leon