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Another year is nearing an end. It seems as though each year goes by faster and faster. Many of the resolutions we made in our “new start” this past January met an untimely demise around February. It is so easy to say we will change. Its another thing to change. I am currently reading:

Resolved by Orrin Woodward


This books is amazing! It teaches on the true resolutions that get to the heart, the deep thinking. You cannot expect to change by medicating the symptoms. You must have a paradigm shift of thinking in your inner core to change the behaviors. When I was in Uganda with CTI, I had the opportunity to hear a local preacher tell this story:

There was a village with a single well as its water source. This well was kept pure by an underground spring. For generations the health and life of the village depended on this well. One night a wandering sheep fell into the well and drowned. Early the next morning as the people went to get their water they noticed the dead sheep at the bottom of the well. They had a village counsel and determined, “It will be too difficult to remove the sheep. We shall mask the odor with incense and poor a small amount of bleach in the well. If anyone gets sick we will send them to the Doctor to medicate their symptoms.”.  To everyone in the village this sounded like a great idea, all except one individual. This young person of character knew deep in his heart what was the right thing to do. He boldly stepped up and addressed the counsel, “We must not do this! The fallen sheep must be removed. I will descend into the well myself and pull the sheep out.”. He was scorned and ridiculed, “Who do you think you are? You cannot change this! You think your better than us?”. But the young man chose to honor his character rather than the approval of others. He went after the source of the problem rather than medicate the symptoms. The actions of one brave soul saved the entire village.

This new year let us Resolve to attack the source of our issues with character and integrity. I highly recommend Resolved to guide you on your journey.

God Bless,