An excerpt from page 70 of the L.I.F.E. book by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward:

Do you believe in destiny? We do. We believe that each one of us was given special talents and a calling all our own. We all know it deep inside. It’s there when we are quiet enough to listen, when we shut off the media, the noise, and the busyness. Perhaps it scares us. Perhaps we don’t think we’re worthy. Maybe we don’t want to be held responsible. But it’s there. So why do so many run from it? Why are ears plugged and eyes tightly closed against any possibility of the greatness of our inner potential? Why do we suppress the divine spark with decadence and shallowness? We decided to tabulate a list of the things that people hide behind in order to avoid the doing of what they were put here to do. It’s a farcical tale acted out by idiots, who are beautiful but flagellate themselves to keep anyone from discovering it. They fasten down tightly the bushel over their light. Here’s our list. Feel free to get offended, or add to it (or both). Your choice. Look closely, though, and you’ll see thousands of people hiding behind each of these, maybe even someone you know.

1. Victimhood

2. Sickness

3. The burning need for money to satiate pathetic spending habits (materialism addiction)

4. Self-dramatization and over-amplification of problems

5. Relational combat

6. Media fixation/entertainment binging

7. Addictions

8. Behavior designed to gain attention

9. Failure and the need for pity

10. Self-deception

11. Self-sabatoge

12. Laziness

13. Debauchery

14. Psychological escapisms

15. Sports fanaticism

16. Career

17. Status

18. The pleasing of others/approval fixation

19. Fear/timidity/doubt

20. Procrastination

21. Distractions

22. Poor focus

23. Lack of introspection or meaningful thought.

Make the decision to wake up now.

Hide behind nothing. Face your destiny and charge after it with all you’ve got. You’ll never feel better, have more fun, or make more of a difference any other way. After all,  you’re supposed to be all you can be! Nothing less will do.