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There is a fire started in our Souls.

A candle sparked by the Divine.

The start of which is like warm coals.

A flicker to rage through the fabric of time.

The flame soon covered by the majority’s polls.

The warmth of a dream now sold for a dime.

The glow traded for another man’s goals.

But the spark calls out in desperate pine.

‘Till the Elite’s inspiration like fresh wind blows.

A blazing torch from their Soul to mine.

Through the blaze of success, experience flows.

Igniting the ember once hard to find.

The struggle pushed through as the flame grows.

The heat of the dream tempers the weak spine.

Others dreams, the dream will sow.

Pointing the Way, a bright sign.

Keeping the dream alive as a bellow blows.

Fighting your way out of the grind.

‘Till the dream lived out as the Encouragers know.

A life lived in front, no longer behind.

@ Copyright Adrian De Leon 2012