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There is safety in the flock. There is safety in the tree.
They will all stay together and eat the seeds that be.

Their wings are not for flight but to hop from limb to limb
and never leave the tree when the sky is growing dim.

There’s far too much risk to try and catch the wind.
so they stay there in the tree, that’s just the way its been.

They are fed by the man who walks about below.
As far as his motive? They don’t really know.

The promise of safety in their man made kingdom.
Their only price is to giving up all their freedom.

They are a step of Faith away from soaring on the wind.
To choose comfort over faith must truly be a sin.

There are those who feel destiny calling from within.
A compelling to jump, spread their wings and soar on the wind.

They are resisted from the weak who cannot ever see
they themselves ever longing for all that they could be.

“Are you sure? None, we know, has ever made it far.
Poor little thing, Who do you think you are?”

I am a child of God with His purpose in my heart.
You may waste your life away but I will do my part.

God Almighty has given me a heart full of desire.
The Creator of the Universe started this inward fire.

So, I will stretch my wings and put their voices out of my head.
I will live the abundant life just as my God has said.

Time to take the step, catch the wind and soar to heights above.
To know the plans God has for me that He created in His love.

Others have gone before with the courage to fly.
If another had the courage then so too can I.

@Copyright Adrian De Leon 2012