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Earlier this week, I had the unfortunate opportunity to witness the decline of what a real man is. In the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, we met some friends at a local coffee shop. It was unusually crowded for a week day. I noticed three or four “men” sitting with their backs to the wall, deeply involved in their laptops. I remember thinking, “Are these guys working or hanging out?”. There was a mixture of ladies and men through out the shop. I did not notice that an elderly couple made their way in and sat towards the middle of the shop. We heard a noise as if someone had slid a chair on the slate floor. At first I didnt think much of it until my wife said “He fell!”. When I looked over, I saw an old man laying on his back. His wife was struggling to get herself up from her chair to offer him some assistance. They looked to be in their 80’s. They were well dressed like the classy generations gone before. A generation that took pride in the way they looked out in public. A generation that new the importance of self respect and first impressions. I quickly glanced at the “men” near the wall to see all of them watching the couple struggling. They were the closest and none of them moved! In fact none the “men” behind the counter, nor the “men” in the other part of the shop were moving. My friend and I knew something had to be done. He was blocked in by a table but I was near the doorway, so I ran over to help. I asked the gentleman, “Are you hurt?” to which he replied with a smile, “I’m fine.” His wife was obviously embarrassed by her husbands antics and said “I knew He would fall. He was on the edge of his seat.” I braced him under his arm and helped him to his feet. With cataracts in his eyes, he looked at me and said “Thank you.” In his eyes was an obvious lifetime of joy and laughter. He and his wife both spoke with a Jewish accent or an accent similar. Maybe they were here to visit. Maybe they immigrated here many years ago to start a new life in the Land of Opportunity. Whatever their story, it was one filled with happiness. It was in his eyes. I asked him again if he was hurt but he assured me he was fine. As I returned to my seat I glanced at the “men” in the shop. They were back to their laptops and whatever their obviously important lives required. An anger rose in me as I sat down. Not because I had to help but because no one cared to even stand up and see if they could help. What a sorry, pathetic excuse for mankind to have the majority so wrapped up in the mediocrity of the digital lives that they choose to look the other way. Where are the Knights? The real men who understood Duty and Honor. The ones who were first to help and protect the one who couldn’t. This is a call to the real men!

Hold the door for Ladies! Honor your wife in every area! Hug your kids! Stop the cursing! Be loving! Respect the elders! Protect and serve! Its not in a badge or a suit or a position. Its our privilege as men to serve! Its time we step outside our fake walls of games, media and social not-working sites and BE THE MAN!

To all the Knights, Soldiers and Warriors! Stand up! Take up your swords! Lets fight!

Adrian De Leon