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The black lensed eye from the corner it sees.
Passing its judgement to the passers that be.
The con of protection from those without.
Its the ones within that are viewed with doubt.
They need you close to push their ink.
Dont wonder off and for yourself think.
The collar your given says where you belong.
Dont fight their system, reprimand is swift and strong.
The dull minds feel control is comfort and ease.
But to the dreamer, its a rampant disease.

This is no place for the Dreamer to be.
Under the black lensed eye and all it sees.
I will get away by pursuing my dreams.
I will never succumb to mediocrity’s stream.
Go ahead and trust the black lensed eye.
But your dream you’ll never know while you comply.

To the black lensed eye, there’s something you’ll never see.
Your all peering eye can’t see the dreams in me.
I will accomplish the dreams in my gaze.
But what you represent is a fleeting haze.
My purpose, my passion is in my dream.
Through God’s sharpening steel, the way of the TEAM.