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Will I ever get out of this mess I’m in?
1 foot out and 1 foot in.
I start and stop and begin again.
The struggle in the process to win.
It’s absolutely something I’ve never been,
The feeling of grander and the crowd that’s in.
Is the way of a leader filled with wanderin’?
Laughed and scorned by friends and kin?
I first must win this battle within
Before anyone will see me win.
My victory will rise from within.
From the dreams in my heart and the will to win.
You will see me fail and struggle again
And tell me to give up and just give in.
But I will never settle for mediocrity’s sin.
I must press on in this fight I’m in.
I must look like a fool to you and them,
Daily fighting this pain I’m in.
How easy it would be to just give in.
To live like you and watch what’s in.
To waste one’s life must be a sin.
Never striving for what could have been.
I may never reach these goals within.
But it will never be said I did not begin
I will fight, I will struggle until I win.
Here on this earth or up there with Him.

@copyright Adrian De Leon 2012