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This gift from above given to me.
This life in my veins,  I’m handed the key.
To a supercharged soul in the depths of me. To prosper and live life abundantly.
Because it’s up to me is why it will be. I will give it my all and they will see.
I’m not who I was but who I’m meant to be.
There is a lion inside, set him free.
Society built the cage but you have the key.
Get ferocious on those standing between you and your dream.
Don’t give into the plot of what they deem.
Charge full ahead towards your dream.
One life,  one chance, one time to be.
All you can with the life gifted to you, free.
So,  this is my hope,  my want,  my plea.
Don’t live your life caged but open and free.
Full throttle,  ferocious, chase your dream.
If not, what a waste of what could be.
A life never started and all you had to do was turn the key.