There is a purpose for which you are equipped. There is a path designed for you to walk but it takes intentional steps. There is a specific reason your interests and likes focus on certain areas. You are designed to achieve great things in this life. The dream you had as a child is calling you to return to it’s path. The dream you had when you believed you could do anything.  The dream you had before those timid souls you looked up to informed you it was not attainable or unworthy. There was a dream sparked in your heart at a time when you were a reservoir of faith and imagination. Through the years you allowed that reservoir to be drained by the bombardment of negativity of those timid souls who tried and failed at their own dreams. Rather than realize that failure is a prerequisite of their dream,  they chose to turn away and succumb to losing. Their experience gives advice like, “I tried that once”,  “don’t waste your time”, “you’ll never make a living at that” and,  the overused, “Becarful”. Remember your dream. Remember when your heart was full of imagination and faith.  You are capable and designed for more than what you have settled for. That child is still inside you, hoping you have the courage to finish strong. But beyond all that, there are young souls watching you, hoping you have the courage to show them how to live your purpose. Step out of the shadow of the timid souls and step on to the path you were designed for.