In the newly prepared ground there was a seed carefully sown.
The seed chosen specifically for the new garden to own.
The Gardiner lovingly created the spot with a purpose in mind.
The purpose was the new soils purpose to find.
The days moved on with much hope in the toil.
The others “be careful” words were new weeds in the soil.
The days grew hot, the ground baked dry.
The only moisture was from the soils cry.
“Why me? What is this that you put me through?”
To the Gardener the soil screamed, knowing that He knew.
This scream wasn’t doubt but an act of faith to be true.
For the soil could see a glimmer of hope in the morning dew.
So on he pressed doing everything to protect the seed within.
Till the day came when a little sprout sprung up with growth to begin.
It didn’t look like much, in fact, the weeds were much more grand.
But the soil sensed a purpose no matter if it looked small and bland.
The weeds were pulled up by the Gardener’s careful hand.
For He knew the tiny purpose would need much more land.
So daily the soil worked to gather all the nutrition that he could.
To ensure that the little plant lived another day, he knew it would.
Day after day the purpose plant began to grow.
“It sure seemed to take much too long” he said, “this I know”
But on he toiled, on he pressed to provide fuel for his guest.
As the days marched on, it didn’t seem so hot as the rest.
For the shadow of the sprout had turned into a mighty tree. A purpose to be seen by all, shade and shelter, truely free.

So diligently work to protect your purpose thats within.
Give it all you have and never, never give in.
Your purpose is to know your purpose that was given you.
And give all you have to leave a lasting mark on this earth if it’s the last thing you do.

~Adrian De Leon