Twiddle your fingers, Twiddle your thumbs. Just look busy no matter how dumb.
See the “higher ups” are in town today. If you value your check you’ll do what I say.
They must believe I manage well. For I can’t really lead,  can’t you tell?
That’s why I shout, rant and rave. I use my clout to make you behave.
For I know you wouldn’t choose to follow me. I’ve spent no time developing me.
My purpose is never ever been defined. That’s why in these four walls I’m confined.
The wife and kids don’t know who I am. I don’t know myself away from this land.
I sold my self to the Exec’s cause
While they live their dreams, mine are on pause.
But never mind if it’s right or wrong. Do as I say or I’ll come down swift and strong.
You’re nothing but a pawn in this game. I’ll flex my position and put you to shame.
God created you matters not to me. What matters is the bottom line, you see?
So what is the moral in the story here?
Be careful what you decide to hold dear.
In the end it matters not what you made. For all of earth things will soon fade.
It’s the souls treatment that were in your care. It’s the pain you inflicted that you will bear.
For the saddest thing of all who sinned, is the hurt you caused others while chasing the wind.

~Adrian De Leon