They scream and yell in the Tyrants hell.
The wide eyed dreamer lost in a spell.
The unruly leaders push their weight as they berate the ones that they lead to hate.
The undeserved position that they hold, they hold over the ones they scold.
They sold themselves to attain such heights the power they want to trample their rights.
The carnage left in their wake, they’d lie to a saint and in their core fake.
I’ve given much thought, “how can this be?” the privilege to lead they cannot see.
To treat a fellow human with so much disdain, In the name of business and corporate gain.
It is God’s children who are in their care. Its God Almighty who placed them there.
They disrespect the One greater than all. Pride surely comes before the fall. 
To hurt a soul they cannot afford.
For “Revenge is mine” Saith the Lord.