Frank DickseeThere is a travesty among men. An educational gap in our species. The Knight that once was has neglected to pass on his honor. The fair maiden is wondering where her Knight has gone. Listen.

A woman should always be treated with respect. Never yelled at or cursed at. Never scolded or reprimanded. For they are the most exquisite of adults. To be honored and revered. Protected and provided for. Never slam doors. Never throw things. Never intimidated or berate. Never ever raise your fist for there is the hottest place in Hell reserved for that kind of male.

Let her talk. Let her feel. Let her cry. Let her thrive. Be the rock. Be the shield. Be the shoulder. Always know that she can out talk you, out task you and out wit you. Be honest. Be true.

Hold the door for her, not because she cannot, but because she is worthy of greater treatment than yourself. Stand to offer your seat, not because she needs to sit, but because honor is due her. Never honk the horn after her. Wait patiently, for after all, your perceived lateness of her is her desire to look her best and probably the household slack you left her with.

Keep your eye for the beauty you married. The grass is always greener where you have watered it. Always know, she picked you. Be grateful.

If gifts are how she feels loved, by all means give meaningful gifts.

If quality time is how she feels loved, by all means spend undivided time.

If acts of service is how she feels loved, by all means serve intently.

If physical touch is how she feels loved, by all means touch her in her way.

Above all.. Remember.. Show Love. Be Love. Give Love.