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In the world of Elephants the herds are ruled by a matriarch. An experienced mature female will be responsible for moving the herd from feeding grounds, to water sources, to resting places. The herds are comprised of the Matriarch, females of various ages and young males. The teenage males and the mature bull elephants live away from the herd in a solitary life or in small 
bands. They will join the herds at breeding time. There is a crucial time for the proper development of the young males. When the time arrives for them to leave the herd they will join up with a bull elephant. During the years, they will learn and develope into the powerful poised majestic bull elephant they should be.  There is a story related from author Richard Rohr describing the importance of life mentors.
In Africa, many of the elephant herds have been protected in game preserves. Once a population has grown too large for the area, several individuals may be chosen for relocation. There were several juvenile male elephants in one of the preserves. As they hit sexual maturity, with their hormones raging, they did not have the crucial role model of what a bull elephant should be. They turned their strength and frustration into destructive behavior. The started turning on the smaller rhinos and hippopotamus by bullying them around till they eventually killed several individuals. The game wardens became very concerned over the violence and destruction this rogue band of young elephants were causing. They did not want to kill the elephants but something had to be done. Finally it was suggested to fly in mature male bull elephants to return order to the preserve. Three large bull elephants were brought into the park. The bulls did not use their massive bulk or enormous strength to set things straight rather they used their experience and poise to display how a real bull elephant should behave. The juveniles quickly fell into place and followed the example of the bulls. The park was returned to order by the quiet example of what strength under control truly is.

In our current times the typical model of industrial work schedules has removed the fathers and male role models from the homes for eight to ten to twelve hours a day. And with what is shown to be an acceptable and encouraged modern day male, father’s spend the few hours they have indulging in selfish “I deserve it cause I work” attitude. They neglect the duty bestowed upon them to display what a true man is. Consequently, our young men are raising themselves into destructive behaviors. What we need our more elephants!
I highly recommend reading Bringing up Boys to get a proper perspective to raising our boys into men. Lets not forget our boys. Men, lets be real men, put our selfish desires aside and invest into our future generations. Study the great men of the past, grow ourselves, point to the truth and mentor. Lead with experience and poise, with strength under control.

Adrian De Leon