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Adrian and Jacie

I’m standing alone. My surroundings are dark. I look down to notice a laptop falling from my hands. Time seems to slow down. All I can think is, “Catch it! Don’t let hit hit the ground!”. Just before it hits the ground a loud buzzer goes off. As if to signify, “Game over”. The noise is so effective in startling me that it shakes me from my deep sleep. It was a dream tied to my reality, some how, some way.  I lay there realizing its 5:30am.. my alarm has gone off.. time get up. I ask myself “Why am I doing this?”. The answer returns from the echoes of my mind, “Money. Its Money. If you didn’t need the money, you would still be asleep.”.

What would be so motivating to cause me to be up before the sun? What causes people to leave their loved ones behind for…

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