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I walk and read at my casual pace
My feet move slow but my mind will race.
I don’t just read to pass the time.
I read intently with the end in mind.
To a drum that’s different is what I walk.
Different, I know, so continue to talk.

Growing my mind will soon pay off.
already much further than those who scoff.
The invested well that is inside, will no longer from the outside hide.
To be wealthy inside and out, is true.
The facade of riches are the ones that flew.
I walk on the path of my wisdom search, well you look down from your shaky perch.
no structure to the life you built, and at the end filled with guilt.
I’m building from the inside out.
rebuilding myself as I walk this route.
the work right now will pay off you’ll see.
I’m changing the world beginning with me.

copyright Adrian De Leon 2013