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The wife of my youth was born today.
The beauty I met remains the same.
Daily she chooses to be my Bride
and with every step we hit our stride.
Beautiful children she has given me.
And lovingly teaches them how to be.
Conscious to always look her best.
Always a step ahead the rest.
Gorgeous, stunning, edgy and fun.
A smile as vibrant as the Sun.
Beautiful, smart, caring and pure.
How lucky I am, this I know for sure.
Compassion, love and full of grace.
Other ladies can’t keep pace.
Faithful, honest, loyal and true.
God surely made one out of two.
He that finds a wife finds what is good.
but blessed this much I never understood. She has been through so much in her life;
Hurt, heartache, turmoil and strife. 
But still she looks to God her King
and draws her strength from within.
She stands firm with amazing poise
and rises far above the noise.
Oh!, how blessed I am, can’t you see?
the world’s men wish they were me!

copyright Adrian De Leon 2013