There may be nothing wrong with you The way you live, the work you do, But I can very plainly see Exactly what is wrong with me.

It isn´t that I´m indolent Or dodging duty by intent; I work as hard as anyone, And yet I get so little done.

The morning goes, the noon is here, Before I know, the night is near, And all around me, I regret Are things I haven´t finished yet.

If I could just get organized! I often times have realized Not all that matters is the man; The man must also have a plan.

With you, there may be nothing wrong, But here´s my trouble right along; I do the things that don’t amount To very much, of no account,

That really seem important though And let a lot of matters go. I nibble this, I nibble that But never finish what I´m at.

I work as hard as anyone, And yet, I get so little done, I´d do so much you´d be surprised, If I could just get organized.
~ Douglas Malloch