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Today I paused to take a glimpse of a flower.

Reflecting the Suns glow at an early hour.

Her vibrant beauty was on full display.

Not for me watching but just  her way.

With petals extending like rays of light,

She mirrored the Sun with all her might.

The wind, rain and dark skies had passed.

Her strength from within made her last.

She gives her smile freely to passersby.

Drawing away the stress and relieving the sighs.

How often others pass without notice or care.

Trapped in their lives with the burdens they bear.

If they would pause and take the time to see,

To see the smile she gives for free.

There is nothing as beautiful as living your best,

Living life to the fullest above the rest.

Let’s learn from her who shines so bright,

Not for who’s watching but for doing what’s right.

~ Adrian De Leon