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Be careful when claiming to do your best.
Walking around inflating your chest.
Standing, looking at what you’ve done,
The thing you did till the setting Sun.
Maybe the task was a job done well,
Not bad as far as you can tell.
But was it really time well spent?
Was time wasted that you were lent?

There are many things that consume our time
A penny taken in place of a dime.
The urgent always compels the doing.
It’s the important though that needs pursuing.
Maybe the reason for unnoticed deeds
Is because it meets no one’s needs.

You’ve given up the best of your days.
For what? A little extra pay?
Or the distraction that seems stress relieving.
A promise of peace that is deceiving.
When time is spent and not invested,
Stress remains deeply nested.
Live your life with others in mind.
Thinking ahead and not behind.
Remember those things you wish were true?
Don’t you think others want those too?
Invest your time in service of others.
A gift that gives back, one heart to another.

~ Adrian M. De Leon 2015