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A fire burns deep within,
Sometimes raging, at times kept in.
A passionate hunger welling inside.
Pushing and pulling like a tide.
Driving and guiding every move,
A needle following a records groove.
Rapids coursing through the veins,
An altering elixir to the brain.
Reason passed by feeling’s stride,
In the open, no place to hide.
Correctly focused becomes elation.
Wrongly focused becomes damnation.
A powerful force, this is true.
Designed intently to carry us through.
The torrent cannot be dammed or stopped.
It must give all it’s got.
Do not try to hide desire.
It will not stop till you expire.
It can be focused like a light,
used for feeling and for sight.
Learn the best paths to take.
A valiant journey you will make.

It’s the warmth of the Sun,
the laughter of fun.
The flow of the stream,
The drive of the dream.
The touch of a kiss,
The lover you miss.
So let passion move you on.
The secret of all those who’ve won.

~ Adrian M. De Leon 2015