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Our view of Genius was a bit skewed when Einstein came along. We assume that in order for us to be a genius we have to understand Quantum Mechanics or re-invent Astrophysics but it’s not so. Einstein was a very brilliant man.  Einstein used his mind. Einstein saw patterns.. he questioned things. he thought and reasoned. We humans are thinking machines. We create everything in our minds first. Every product, every meal, every tangible thing, even our very lives, created in our minds; our thinking machine.

You are a Genius. You are a thinker.

We see patterns. Patterns of how things are and how things should be. We think outside the box. Anyone who does this is a Genius. The only way someone is not a genius is because they choose to not use their mind. The Non-genius let others think for them. They avoid  the responsibility of genius but the rewards of creating avoid them.