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Can you believe how old you are now? Seems like just yesterday you were running barefoot through the yard , jumping on the bed when mom wasn’t watching or having that crush you were to shy to talk to. Somewhere between then and now the time passed. We used to wish we were older, now we find ourselves wishing we were younger. When we’re young we feel older and when we’re older we feel young. It seems that between the ages of fourteen and twenty our physical age aligns with the age of our soul. Probably closer to fourteen for most guys. The age of our soul, the age we tend to feel, mentally, our inner selves. Not the time that has passed on this physical body but how we sense our inner selves. That spark that gave us moments of maturity as a child and that vitality we feel even though we are aging on the outside, that is our soul. That energy is our true age. We are borrowing these aging bodies but our soul is ever green. We are forever young when we learn to let ourselves feel our true age.