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Work, work, work, work, Weekend! Work, work , work work, Weekend! Does this sound familiar? Many live life but on the weekends. Every other day is spent going through the motions to get to the next weekend. The few hours where they can be themselves and pursue passions they have been longing to do.
Recently a company I know of asked it’s employees to go to a 4 day work week at 10 hours per day and they would get Friday’s off. The company of 350 employees had a 96% approval rating from the poll given to the employees. A telling sign that the majority live life on the weekend. The employees add 2 extra hours to their work day. For those that live life on the weekend that sounds like a great setup but for those who live daily the “extra” day isn’t worth it. So the “weekenders” are commuting an average of an hour to work, working 10 hours plus a half hour lunch, then commuting an hour back and putting it on repeat. So they burn themselves out during the week to have a glimpse of that weekend freedom. By the time they get to Friday they spend half the day trying to recover.

 What if we lived our life like it as just that, OUR life. Our life comes to us a day at a time. We can’t live yesterday and we can’t live tomorrow. We can only live now. Our lives are truly short in respect to time. There is only so much time we get to use. Most have to work to pay for their life style. Many have bought into the sales pitch of car debt, home debt, student loan debt and on and on. So they settle for meaningless occupations for a paycheck they forward to their creditors. It isn’t supposed to be this way. 

Discover your passions. The ones you had before the world beat you up. Rather than sell part of your evening to gain a Friday or rather then waste time watching shows in the evening, use that time to invest in yourself. Read from good books daily. Get online and find ways to create back ground income. Create an online presence to market your talents and gifts. Learn from those who have the lifestyle you want. There are plenty of videos from great thinkers that are at our finger tips. There is a way to get your time back. If it’s your passions you want then you have to pursue them but if it’s only a Friday you want then go ahead and take the apple.