I grew up and am currently living in Texas. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior at the age of 9. At 20 I traveled to 7 countries and about half of the United States with CTI music. Over the years I have felt the continuous pull to accomplish something great.

There She was

It was a cold January evening and I had a prior arrangement cancel on me. I found myself being compelled to go to a Christian singles Bible study that I would occasionally attend. There she was, Jacie Molina, sitting at a table alone. I knew she was a visitor to the group even though I was sort of new as well. I mustered the courage and used the timeless line “Are you new here?”. We talked like we knew each other before. As the night ended, we stood up to leave and she kept going. As you can tell from our picture, Jacie is taller than me. One of my first thoughts was “Well, I guess we can be friends”. Little did I know that she would become my best friend.  I was introduced to her little girl Isabella who was 3 at the time. I felt like the knight in shining armor. I fell in love. We were married  22 months later in 2005. Yesenia arrived in 2006 my boy Zade arrived in 2010 and little Felicity in 2012 and little Beckham in 2014. I am a blessed man.

The Business

We have been in personal development for several years now. We work with entrepreneurs in a online business development business called Bonvera We are focused and committed in helping others attain their dreams through creating online income. We teach others to earn income while they learn and develop themselves in a principle based business.


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